Our Curriculum

Curriculum & Assessment

Students progress in their learning of reading Quran in 9 structured levels, starting from learning the alphabet in Level 1 through to reading the Qaa,idah and reading fluency in the levels that follow.  Students then progress onto learning the rules of recitation (tajweed) and later go on to our highest level to memorise Quran (hifdh).

With 8 structured levels in Arabic, students begin by learning how to write Arabic letters and words.  They are then introduced to speaking and listening in the Arabic language and build on their vocabulary and speaking fluency, later going on to learn a little grammar and developing a greater familiarity and confidence with the language.

Islamic Studies
Starting with Stories of the Prophets, students progress through 8 levels in Islamic Studies and learn about the basics of Islam through the exploration of the 5 pillars.  Through practical demonstration, students are taught how to make Wudhu and pray Salah and progress through the levels by studying the lives of the Prophet Sallallahu ‘alaihi wasallam and the Sahaba, as well as Surahs and their meanings.

All students will be assessed and assigned classrooms according to their ability. Throughout the course, students will be tested on an individual basis based upon their general understanding and participation in class.

All parents will receive reports towards the end of each term based on teachers’ observations and test results.