Frequently Asked Questions

Admittedly, we don’t boast a sophisticated learning support facility but the Head of Education and Development will individually oversee every single application where a child requires a learning support boost and explore every option available to ensure we remain as inclusive and accommodating as possible whist supporting all children’s needs.

We will certainly do our best.  Parents fill out a fairly detailed medical questionnaire when enrolling their children so that we are sure we can adequately support all children’s needs.  Where certain challenges present themselves we intend to have an honest conversation with parents to see where we can work together to facilitate a child’s medical needs.

There are benefits to having a school uniform but we also understand that most of our parents find it easier that we don’t impose strict uniform requirements, other than that students should attend wearing modest clothing appropriate for this environment.

We don’t have a dedicated lost property area in all of our branches due to the restrictions with storage allowances in the school in which we operate but we do our best to ensure lost property is reunited with their owners.  We advise it is best to write the names of your children on all of their books, outer clothing and lunchboxes and to enquire with us straight away if your child has left something behind at our branch.

You may enrol online through this website or contact 020 7702 7254 for more information and help.

It can be nice for children to bring in and share their toys with their friends but we advise it best that toys and electronic equipment like tablets, etc., are not brought in to the Madrasah to prevent these becoming lost or damaged, especially since we are unable to take responsibility for them.

Speak to the Supervisor first or contact the Head of Education and Development through the Office to arrange a meeting or discussion with the Teacher.  During lesson time Teachers often become busy with teaching and for safeguarding reasons, they must have their full attention on their students so it is better to arrange a discussion with the Teacher so that we can have adequate cover in place.

Contact the Office and let them know you wish to be a part of what we do.  The Head of Education and Development will get in touch with you to discuss the sort of roles availability and explore with you what you might find most comfortable doing.  You may also let a Branch Supervisor know you wish get involved and they will also be able to inform us of your interest.

Yes; every week.  We give all children a Progress Diary and they record their homework in this every week.  For very young children, we will write the homework up in their diaries for them.

Because we are a well-established Madrasah with our own good curriculum and experienced and enthusiastic Teachers committed to helping impart the knowledge they do.  We have a great support team and are open 7 days a week for your convenience.  With modern classrooms, playgrounds, car parks, dining halls, security guards, reception staff, caretakers and fantastic transport links at our branches, can you go wrong?

There is no specific date when enrollment comes to an end.  Registrations will stop being taken once spaces are no longer available.  We stopped taking new registrations from as early as July last year for some of our branches because classes became full and this is why we advise parents to always enquire early with us if they are thinking about enrolling their children.  Almost all of our classes are full weeks before our Madrasah opens in September.

We tend to run Open Days when parents get a chance to meet us and tour our premises.  Because we are presently not operating from our school premises at the moment, we advise you get in touch with us so that we can explore other options with you.

Let the Branch Supervisor or the Office or the Head of Education and Development know as soon as possible so we can explore how best to help your child.