• Know that only YOU (as a parent/guardian) and YOUR child should use Firefly using the login details we have provided you. Nobody else is authorised to use Firefly;
  • Check on your children’s homework and make sure it is being completed each week;
  • Contact the Office if you do not understand something or require extra help;
  • Ensure the homework or a summary of the homework is written up in the homework diary. Keeping a manual record will also prove helpful in the event any technical issues prevent access to Firefly at any time;
  • Ensure you and your child have watched the Firefly tutorial video and are sufficiently familiar with using this platform. You will also find the Firefly online tutorial we have produced for you below;
  • Remember that you and your child will have SEPARATE ACCOUNTS. Students will be able to access their homework and often complete quizzes, etc. through their accounts, whereas parents will be able only to view the homework.
  • Rest assured that we will not share any information arising out of your use of Firefly with anyone;
  • Know that we intend on using the Firefly homework portal for all students;
  • Know that homework will not be written into your child’s diary at the branch but will from now on be added to Firefly instead and this will help make things safer because Teachers/Staff will not need to touch students’ books;
  • Continue to be patient with us and the Teachers; this is our first time using this new portal and it will take a little time for students, parents and the teachers to get used to things on Firefly. If you notice any problems with Firefly or the homework that has been set, however, please do call the Office so we can help resolve the issue.
  • Let us know if there is any part of this document you do not understand and we shall be happy to explain it to you.



  • You must not share your login data with anyone else or authorise use of your account by another person. Do not impersonate another user/person or use their username. You must not in any way share any password information relating to your child’s use of Firefly and this is for their own privacy and safety. This is extremely important;
  • Firefly will primarily be used by Teachers purely for setting homework. Students and parents will therefore not be able to engage in back and forth communication with the teacher through this platform.  Should you need to speak to the Teacher, please call the Office and the Head of Education will arrange this for you separately;
  • Management reserve the right to suspend an account where there is misuse of the platform;
  • For young children unable to login to and use their own Firefly accounts, parents are of course welcome to help them with this. But generally speaking, For all students at the Madrasah, there will be separate accounts for students and parents to allow you both to carry out the functions you need to on there.