Tayyibun will carry on using Zoom as the platform to continue our Madrasah lessons.

The format of these online Madrasah lessons is to be as follows:

WEEKEND (Saturday/Sunday classes)
Quran: 10.45am to 12.15pm
Lunch break 12.15am to 12.45pm
Arabic 12.45pm to 1.30pm
Islamic Studies 1.30pm to 2.15pm


By using/being part of our online lessons, you should:

  • Know that only YOUR child should be a participant in the lesson;
  • Follow Islamic guidelines in ensuring that MALE PARENTS DO NOT ENTER THE LESSONS BEING TAUGHT BY FEMALE TEACHERS. This rule must be strictly followed.  Although not the practice usually in normal classes, a small number of Teachers will continue to wear their niqaabs whilst teaching online and we ask you to be understanding on this;
  • Check on your children’s homework and make sure it is being written into their diaries and completed each week. Continue to sign the diary as you would each week;
  • Ensure you have access to sufficient devices if you have more than one child;
  • Ensure you and your child are sufficiently familiar with using Zoom and have your pc/laptop/phone properly set up for its use. You may find the Zoom online tutorials below useful in learning about this online learning platform;
  • Think about minimising surrounding noise, ensure there is enough lighting in the room and provide somewhere comfortable for your child to sit where they won’t be distracted. Students can ideally use headphones to minimise background distraction for both student and Teacher;
  • Make sure you have a good internet connection. This is extremely important. Consider closing any irrelevant running applications which might significantly consume your internet bandwidth;
  • Ensure your child communicates clearly so the teacher can hear what they are saying. They should also feel free to ask the teacher to repeat anything they haven’t been able to hear well;
  • Rest assured that we will not keep or store any information arising out of your use of Zoom and no teacher will ask for any personal details either;
  • Bear in mind that Tayyibun does not usually provide online Madrasah lessons and is only providing these lessons to help deal with this unexpected situation we are faced with now;
  • Continue to be patient with us and the Teachers and with using Zoom for the first couple of weeks. This is a new learning and teaching experience for everyone so it will take a short while to get used to it but things will improve a lot with practice and experience.


By using/being part of our online lessons, you agree not to:

  • Share your login data with anyone else or authorise use of your account by another person. Do not impersonate another user/person or use their username. You must not in any way share any password information relating to your child’s use of Zoom and this is for their own privacy and safety of. This is extremely important;
  • Share the links you will be provided with for your children’s lessons with anyone else. These links are exclusive to those enrolled at the Madrasah;
  • Promote or advertise any products or services during lesson time;
  • Use the service to generate or send unsolicited communications, messages, advertising, etc;
  • Record in any way (audio or video) any part of the lessons or the teachers or any learning material posted onto Zoom during your lesson. This means no external devices for recording are permitted and no screenshots should be taken.  Tayyibun has a no recording policy;
  • Discuss issues about your child or the work over the Zoom platform with the Teacher during or straight after lessons but to arrange any necessary meetings with the Teacher through the Head of Education and Development. We welcome the idea of parents and Teachers communicating with each other and are happy to arrange suitable discussions between both parties but this is something that should not be done around Madrasah lesson times;
  • Ask the teacher for their personal details, such as email address/phone number/social media details, etc., without first obtaining permission to do so from Tayyibun Management.