This weekend will start Review Day at the Madrasah for the 2020/21 academic year where you will speak to parents about your students’ progress so far. Review Day is the same as the Report Day we had at the end of term last year but the only difference is that there will be no exams and no student reports. We have called this Review Day instead of Report Day because parents usually receive their children’s reports on Report Day but will not be doing so right now so naming it Review Day we hope will be less confusing for parents.

Parents have not had the chance to see Teachers or say hello to them like they might usually at the branches and so it is important right now for us to speak to parents and leave them with the best possible impression about us and give them a lovely Review Day experience.

Most of you will have completed Report Day with us last year already but it is crucial we follow carefully the points below so that the day can go smoothly for ALL parties concerned (Teachers, Students, Parents, Supervisors and the Admin Team).


  • All Teachers must login to their Supervisors’ Zoom Meeting. Teachers MUST NOT login to their normal Zoom Sessions but should login to the Zoom Session of their Supervisor.  Click on the link here below to find out who your Supervisor is and the link to enter their class:
  • Teachers will conduct Review Day by calling individual parents whilst being logged into Zoom. Each Supervisor will assist around 3-6 teachers and will be able to listen to their telephone Review Day meeting with parents and help anyone that needs it;
  • Call each parent from your list one by one and mark off on the list parents you have spoken to. Place a tick in the relevant box to indicate when a parent has not picked up your call.  You may add any notes to the Review Day register that you feel are appropriate;
  • When a parent does not pick up your call please move on to the next parent. We shall be able to see which parents have not picked up your call and we can try to contact the parent to arrange for them to become available.  You DO NOT NEED TO KEEP TRYING THE SAME NUMBER AGAIN AND AGAIN.  Call a parent ONCE and then move onto the next parent;
  • For parents you could not contact initially, you may call them again at the end of your session if there is time. Also, we may write comments in the Admin Notes section of your List advising you to call a parent back because they have now become available;
  • Make sure that you plan ahead with your timings and calculate how much time you should spend with each parent. For example, if you have a total of 40 parents to call throughout the day then this means 20 parents per session.  To get through 20 parents in 2 hours you will need to spend a maximum of 6 minutes with each parent.  Those with fewer students in each session will get to spend more time with each parent;
  • You must complete all meetings within the allocated morning and afternoon sessions. If you absolutely feel that for a particular student you need more time with a parent to discuss their needs, stick to the time limit with them and let us know so we can see if it is possible to allocate extra time for this parent;
  • ALL TEACHERS MUST HAVE THEIR VIDEO AND AUDIO FUNCTIONS SWITCHED ON throughout Review Day. This will allow the Supervisors to carry out their tasks with the greatest efficiency;
  • You should have your phone on loudspeaker whilst conducting your parent telephone meetings;
  • If you teach a child more than one subject, you should discuss the progress for all these subjects in the one phone call;
  • Use your register if you are not sure which subject you teach a student.


  • Good punctuality is absolutely essential. You MUST login to your Supervisor’s Zoom meeting by 10.15am at the very latest;
  • Once logged in, upload your Review Day List/Register. You may access this using the same link you use to open your class registers;
  • Hide your caller ID on your phone so that parents will not be able to see your number. Teachers MUST NOT SHARE THEIR NUMBERS OR PERSONAL CONTACT DETAILS WITH PARENTS.  Once you have turned on the call hide function on your mobile phone, call the Supervisor to test that this is working;
  • If there is any remaining time before your first call at 10.45am, make a final check to ensure you have everything ready. You may call the Head of Education and Development if you have any last minute questions/concerns/clarifications.

Summary of timings:

10.15am-10.45am: Login/prepare files and testing
10.45am-12.15pm: SESSION 1: Review Day calls
12.15pm-12.45pm: Lunch time.
12.45pm-2.15pm: SESSION 2: Review Day calls
2.15pm-2.30pm: Follow up of any outstanding tasks


  • Ensure you are in a quiet room where there will not be noise disturbance;
  • Speak clearly and introduce yourself and thank the parent for taking your call. State your name and which classroom you teach in and let each parent know which subject(s) you teach their child.  Make sure you speak fairly slowly and use language that all parents will understand easily;
  • Do confirm that it is actually the child’s parent or guardian you are speaking to;
  • If you do not understand something the parent says, don’t be afraid to ask them politely to repeat themselves;
  • Please take the register for Week 18. If you have a Review Day meeting with a parent, mark their child in as present in the register in Week 18.


  • You can be honest with your feedback to parents about their children. However, be intelligent about how you address negative points.  For example, if a child has poor behaviour it is better to say that the child may have been able to realise their potential more if they worked on their behaviour rather than that the child has ‘rubbish behaviour’.  If a child does not do their homework, a smart way of addressing this is to tell parents that you want to see the child doing his/her homework regularly and that you feel s/he will make a lot more progress if they complete their homework and that not doing so is something holding them back, instead of saying that their child is ‘lazy and never cares about their work and will never succeed’;
  • With every child, aim to say something positive about them and also to provide feedback on what areas they need to improve on. This means that for even the most difficult student, you should try to find a positive quality that they have as a way of offering encouragement, and for the most talented student, there should still be feedback on what else they can work on more going forward.


  • If parents ask you about things that you are unsure of or that are not part of what you would normally answer, please advise them to speak to the Office. For example, if parents ask about new registrations, refunds, private tuition, other children, obtaining your personal information or our plans for next year, etc., please ask them to get in touch with us and we will try to help them as best we can.


  • Promoting or advertising any products or services;
  • Recordings of any kind;
  • Asking parents for their personal details, such as email address/phone number/social media details, etc., without first obtaining permission to do so from Management;
  • Giving definitive answers about things you are not sure of. If needed, you can inform parents that you are not sure about something;
  • Giving over-enthusiastic reassurances to parents about the Coronavirus situation and what will happen now at the Madrasah, especially since we still don’t know many things about how we shall be able to proceed going forward;
  • Keeping silent if you feel there is a problem. Your Supervisor is there on the day to assist you so if you feel there is an issue let them know.