The Team at Tayyibun is preparing for the next Academic year 2021-22 and we wish to manage the availability of our staff as soon as possible. We wish to finalise the availability of our current staff before exploring any new additions to the team. Please click here to view the branch information

Staff Availability


Marking your availability below does not guarantee your preference. However, we will try to accommodate as many of your preferences as possible. Places are subject to registrations and availability.



Planned holidays, external commitments, study leave or absences

Please state all dates of planned holidays, absences and external commitments during the intended branch operation period:
• Planned dates including any non-booked dates;
• Holidays, commitments or planned absences must not be made after the commencement of employment agreement without prior agreement with Management. This would be treated as unauthorised absence;
• Holiday requests must be submitted at least 2 weeks before dates requested;
• Holidays may or may not be approved.

General Notes

By selecting your preference you are agreeing to the following:
• Being available from the start date all the way through to the end date in July 2022;
• You are able to attend the Madrasah independently without relying on others;
• Being able to manage any travel disruption.