1. Parents must state on the Registration Form or Online Application if their children have any allergies, learning difficulties/special needs or medical conditions, or any other condition that may affect their learning or that of others, or that means they may require extra attention. This is so we can properly meet all your children’s needs. The Madrasah reserves the right to cancel a child’s registration if the parent/carer fails to disclose important information about their child’s special educational, medical or social Such information should be provided before registration or at the earliest known time;
  2. Parents understand that Tayyibun do not have specialist provision, such as how a school might do, to deal with a learning difficulty which is considered to be a “special educational need” and therefore may not be able to support children requiring ‘extra’ help, attention or resources;
  3. We reserve the right to remove a child during the course of the academic year where s/he develops a condition or illness, etc., or where an existing condition or illness becomes more serious, that may compromise the safety/wellbeing/comfort of the child him/herself or others or Madrasah/School property, or where this means we cannot adequately provide for the child’s needs;
  4. We will not administer any medication to children, who must, if needed, be able to use their own medication;
  5. Parents consent to such physical contact with their child as may facilitate good safeguarding practice to ensure your child’s health and welfare and maintain safety and good order, such as to deal with a medical or other emergency;
  6. Parents give consent for their child to receive first aid or any necessary medical treatment in the event of accident/injury. Medical information will be shared with your child’s teacher and other relevant staff, except that which is agreed should not be;
  7. Parents agree not to bring their children to the Madrasah where they are suffering from flu, a raised temperature, a virus, vomiting or diarrhoea, shortness of breath or wheezing, a cough that disrupts normal activity, distracting pain from earache, headache, sore throat or recent injury, a breakout of rash, chicken pox or other contagious illness, or where they have head lice or nits;
  8. Parents agree to picking up their child early from the Madrasah where the Supervisor determines the child to be too ill to continue;
  9. For the general safety and wellbeing of all users concerned, parents agree to adhere to our Coronavirus We reserve the right to terminate a child’s admission for serious or persistent breach of the Coronavirus Policy;
  10. Parents agree to ensure their children bring lunch and water to the Madrasah, even if their children do not wish to eat anything. Children’s names should be added to their water bottles and packed lunch boxes. Tayyibun is generally unable to make provision for drinking water. There is a no nuts and no food share policy so pupils must not bring nuts in their packed lunch We cannot guarantee a nut/allergy-free environment;
  11. Pupils may not leave the Madrasah to buy lunch or go home for A £20 lunch fee will be applied where we have to provide a child with lunch;
  12. Tayyibun cannot provide any heating or refrigeration facilities to pupils to heat up or store food;
  13. Parents must respond to phone calls during Madrasah hours and be available to pick up their children early where they are unwell;
  14. It is the responsibility of the parent/carer to inform us of the child’s parental situation, such as parents being separated, ; please refer to our Child Collection & Late Pick-Up policy;
  15. We reserve the right to terminate a registration without refund where parents refuse to pick up an unwell child, fail to provide adequate lunch for their child on more than one occasion, do not respond to Madrasah communication during Madrasah hours whilst their child is on our premises or where a child’s medical, behavioural or learning support needs affects their continued Madrasah suitability.


  1. Doors will open around five minutes before class start time and will be closed twenty minutes after Madrasah start They will be reopened at 3.00pm on weekends and 7.40pm on weekdays. We may not be able to open gates earlier than usual during difficult weather;
  2. Parents agree to the Madrasah Child Collection & Late Pick-Up Policy for picking up their children;
  3. Parents/carers must collect their children promptly at home time. Parents will not be allowed to take their children before class time is over unless this is agreed with a member of our team For early pick up, children will not be released after 2pm on weekends and 7.10pm on weekdays;
  4. Parents must state in the Registration Form or inform Admin Staff directly if their child is to be permitted to leave on their own;
  5. Parents must inform us if they have removed their child from the Madrasah or if their child will be absent for long periods. It is the sole responsibility of the parent/carer to ensure that their child is attending the Madrasah;
  6. Tayyibun is not responsible for the safety of children until they enter Madrasah premises, which excludes the car park and any area outside the front door of the Parents remain responsible for ensuring their children travel safely to and from the Madrasah;
  7. Parents must ensure pupils bring all books and stationery to Each missing book is charged at £15 and missing diary/bag at £5;
  8. In the event that your child completes their level and requires a new book for the next level up, a standard book fee of £15 will


  1. Parents understand lateness/absence can affect learning and that children must fulfil their learning with us by completing homework;
  2. Parents must read/sign their child’s diary weekly and understand what s/he is covering at the Madrasah. Parents agree to Tayyibun and its parents/students using Firefly (online portal) to ensure the proper setting, completion and overview of homework Parents remain responsible for contacting us if they have any problems with their Firefly, such as with logging in, accessing h/w, and with ensuring the h/w on Firefly is checked and completed every week;
  3. Students will generally not be permitted to take exams outside of scheduled Exam Days;
  4. Parents agree to receiving their children’s end of term reports via email and for ensuring we have your up-to-date email


  1. A completed application form does not oblige Tayyibun to accept your child. Only once your child’s assessment (if a new student) and the registration process is completed with relevant fees paid, and any required documents are signed off, will their place be secured;
  2. Once you register you are committed to bringing your child to the Madrassah for the full academic year and you agree to pay the full fees, regardless of any change in your personal circumstances, even if your child attends no classes;
  3. No refund will be due in the event of a child’s Madrasah enrolment being cancelled for serious or persistent breach of our policies;
  4. Parents agree that they are financially able to fulfil their fees obligations. All payment(s) must be made within the agreed dates (final payment to be made by October 2023). Tayyibun reserves the right to cancel a registration or place students on self-study where correct fees have not been paid on time;
  5. The full fees are £500 for weekend Madrasah and £700 for weekday Madrasah, or a discounted £450 and £650 if payment is made in one instalment;
  6. Tayyibun operates a no refund policy, including when there is a change of one’s circumstances or where a child fails to settle in.
  7. For parents who are late picking up their children by more than 15 minutes, a standard late fee of £5 per 15 minutes per child will be Persistent late collection of children may result in termination of a child’s registration and no refund will be provided;
  8. Any discretionary termination is subject to a minimum 50% registration fee per pupil;
  9. Parents or guardians are fully liable for any damage, loss or injury to persons or property, however caused, by students;
  10. Tayyibun reserves the right to close the Madrasah where an event beyond our reasonable control or other force majeure event prevents the performance of our obligations under these terms and conditions or limits our ability to run safely and effectively. etc., and will not be obliged to make up any ‘missed/lost’ hours/days. Where a force majeure event arises that prevents or delays the running of Madrasah classes, we shall inform parents about the nature and extent of the circumstances giving rise to the force majeure through telephonic message;
  11. Where we are compelled to temporarily close the Madrasah due to local conditions or external instruction, we are not obliged to ‘make up’ any missed lessons;
  12. In the event of any changing or emergency circumstances, Tayyibun may alter the Madrasah academic calendar and lesson


  1. Misbehaving students may be subject to the Misbehaviour Procedure, as set out in our Behaviour Policy;
  2. For persistent/serious misbehaviour pupils may be placed on report or temporarily/permanently excluded. Suspension or permanent exclusion will usually result from any undue physical act of any kind, however ‘small’, including things like pushing;
  3. We reserve the right to exclude any student on grounds of misbehaviour, if they pose a risk to others, the Madrasah or themselves or if they leave or attempt to leave the permitted bounds of the Madrasah premises, without prior notification;
  4. Touching/moving/defacing/damaging school property may result in automatic suspension or exclusion from the Madrasah;
  5. Parents/Carers agree to following Tayyibun policies when attempting to resolve any issues or complaints;
  6. Rude, abusive and/or threatening behaviour by parents or family members towards any Madrasah staff or student or professional partner will result in cancellation of your Madrasah registration(s) without refund;
  7. Pupils must not bring in toys or gadgets to the Madrasah, including tablets and other electronic devices. Tayyibun does not take responsibility for property that is lost, damaged or otherwise stolen in Madrasah premises. Students are not permitted to use mobile phones during all Madrasah hours. Teachers/Staff may confiscate students’ phones where this policy isn’t being followed;
  8. Whilst your child is enrolled at the Madrasah you agree to follow the Madrasah’s Parking Policy;
  9. Parents agree not to ask the Teacher for their personal details, such as email address/phone number/social media details, etc., and not to share their own personal details, without first obtaining Management permission to do


  1. All pupils should wear clothing that is modest, loose and covers the whole body;
  2. Students must avoid wearing garments or accessories which contradict the spirit of modesty within the Madrasah


  1. Should you wish to make a suggestion or register a complaint, please call us on 020 7702 7254, email or fill out a Concern Slip at the branch, as per the Complaints Procedure set out in your child’s Madrasah diary;
  2. We request parents speak to a member of Management or the Admin Team to register a complaint and not approach Teachers during Madrasah This is to avoid causing disruption to students’ learning and putting their safety at risk;
  3. Communication/instructions to/from one of the Parents or any person with parental or primary responsibility shall be deemed by the Madrasah to be sent to/received from both parents/carers;
  4. Parents will receive text message and/or WhatsApp message and/or email and/or parent letter updates related to the Madrasah or about their children that will be sent from Tayyibun and accept this/these to be a valid from of Madrasah-Parent communication;
  5. Parents agree to read such text message or other updates sent from Tayyibun in order to remain informed about the Madrasah and their children’s involvement therein. Tayyibun will attempt to respond to any parent missed calls, but will not be able to respond to parent text messages.


  1. Tayyibun reserve the right to offer Madrasah lessons online in the event we are compelled to do this because of some exceptional event and, where this becomes necessary, parents accept this being a valid substitution for face-to-face lessons in fulfilling their children’s Madrasah education;
  2. In such an event, parents agree to read and accept the terms and conditions of any online platform we use and to our use of such platform


  1. We do not take responsibility for missing resources/personal belongings, or for storing anything left behind at the Madrasah; Parents agree to the possibility that their child will learn in a mixed age group, since students are grouped into classes based on their level. A refund cannot be issued for this reason. Based on our assessment process, we reserve the right to place your child in the level deemed to be the most appropriate for them;
  2. You agree that your child is suitably toilet trained and is able to independently feed him/herself without assistance. No refund will be available because a child refuses to eat or is unable to eat without assistance;
  3. Tayyibun do not have sufficient facilities to store lost property. Children’s belongings should be clearly labelled to help locate missing property and parents should inform a Supervisor at the branch on the same day of any missing property;
  4. Management reserves the right to enter gender segregated areas or classrooms in limited but necessary circumstances, such as to investigate bullying or deal with gross misbehaviour, or to carry out important Lesson Observations;
  5. Parents/carers consent to the Madrasah’s use of their child’s photograph for updating onto the child’s file on our system;
  6. Individual opinions held by teachers, speakers or members of staff do not represent that of the organisation, and Tayyibun does not accept any liability for any breach of law in this respect;
  7. Parents agree not to contact or attempt to ‘hire’ Tayyibun staff for reasons related to private tuition, leading of taraweeh salah, etc., without first obtaining permission from Management, or to sharing or accepting personal contact details with/from any staff member;
  8. Parents/carers must ensure the Madrasah is given correct details and at least three different contact numbers on the Registration Form. The Office must be informed of any changes to a student’s details. We reserve the right to terminate a child’s registration without refund where incorrect details are provided on the Registration Form or where new information isn’t provided to the office for updating, such as new contact and address details;
  9. Tayyibun reserves the right to issue references at its own References can take up to fifteen working days;
  10. Registering their children means parents agree to the Madrasah academic calendar and are satisfied with the holiday dates therein;
  11. Tayyibun reserves the right to relocate within a 3-mile radius before the end of the Madrasah academic year;
  12. Tayyibun reserves the right to make alterations to courses/curricula/course materials and Teachers without prior notice;
  13. Tayyibun reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice to take account of new legislation, Government regulations or recommendations, or for any other reason, and will make such variations available to
  14. A standard admin fee of £36 will apply for parents requesting basic admin work not directly related to the day to day running of the Madrasah. This will include things like letters and An enhanced admin fee of £74 will apply for lengthier/more complex admin work we agree to carry out for a parent;

The information you provide us will be held by Tayyibun in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Your information is being collected with your consent in order to make provision for you and/or your child’s learning. Tayyibun will not share your information. Information about you and your child will be held for seven years after your child’s 16th birthday.